Trusted Supplier

KFH/ Keystone Friction Hinge is a reliable and trusted supplier that has been counted out by our customers for many years.  Our on time delivery and high quality parts have made us a sole supplier for many companies.

GE Appliance

In the 1970’s we began to supply Roper Corporation.  In the 1980’s Roper was purchased by GE.  Since the 1980’s we have been supply GE.  We make parts for GE Dishwashers, Ovens, Refrigerators and the hybrid hot water heater.

We monitor the EDI systems for their requirements and ship daily.  We have been trusted to handle shipments in this manner for many years.

Weiler Brush

We have been supply metal stampings to Weiler since the 1980’s.

Weiler is one of the largest and highest quality supplier of Weiler Brushes.  We stock over 300 items for them and have a weekly shipping arrangement.  Our reliability makes us a critical supplier for Weiler.

Barry Controls (division of Hutchinson)

Since the 1980’s Keystone has supplied Barry with a variety of metal stampings, formed and machine parts that are used in truck vibration mounts and in military applications. Quality, on-time delivery and meticulous material certifications/quality data submissions allow us to supply Barry Controls with what they need and what their customers require.

Parker Hannifin

We have been producing parts for Parker since the 1990’s.  We manufacture a wide variety of ball valve handles for Parker.  We many soon enter into a stock arrangement with them as well.

KFH has a culture that is engaged and wants to do the right thing; from the top guy in the company to the people who are building the parts.

Tom Hughes, Weiler Corporation


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