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KFH has one of the lowest defect rates in the industry and can often meet tolerances that other shops can’t.


Keystone was founded in 1905 as a manufacturer of friction hinges and furniture hardware.  Furniture companies had appeared in the area in the 1800’s due to the massive lumber boom in the area at this time.

For many years Keystone supplied these companies with corner braces, brackets, hinges and an entire variety of metal stamped components that were needed.  The friction hinge allowed a mirror on a vanity to be tilted and stay in place at any angle.

In 1965, Grant Taggart, Miles MacGill and Lamont Seitzer purchased Keystone.  They had worked there for several years but were then ready to take ownership of the company.  Almost immediately, they determined that a new plant was needed.  This facility opened at 520 Matthews Blvd. in 1967.  Since then many additions have occurred and the build now has 88,000 square feet under roof.

The company is privately held with Ed Hannan owning the majority of the stock.

In 1970, Ed Hannan, an engineer, joined the company. While continuing with the furniture hardware, Keystone moved toward contract stamping work. Appliance industry stamping and oven door hinges became a large segment of the companies business.  This customer stamping work also lead to work with the wire brush industry, ball valve stampings and motor/vibration mount stamping work.

In the 2000’s Adam Kistner design an indoor oven hinge and Keystone holds the patent on this item.  This item is available today and is used in several ovens.

Although, Keystone had built many tools in the past, in the late 1980’s the company began full designing its’ stamping tools and building almost all tools used in the facility.

More recently, 3 machining centers have been added and Keystone now does production machine work for several customers.

Today, Keystone Friction Hinge continues manufacturing custom metal stamping, building assemblies, machining parts and building tooling.

Valentine C. Luppert, son of the founder of the Keystone Furniture Company, invented the Luppert friction hinge which led to the Keystone Friction Hinge Company being established in South Wiliamsport.

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