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KFH has one of the lowest defect rates in the industry and can often meet tolerances that other shops can’t.

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of Excellence

KFH has one of the lowest defect rates in the industry and can often meet tolerances that other shops can’t.

Locker Hinge

Appliance Fan Bracket

Hood Hinge Component

Ultra-sonic Assembled Water Heater Bracket

Appliance Component

Power Driven Wire Brush Knot Plate

Power Driven Wire Brush Outer Cup

Oven Door Hinge

Welcome to KFH CO.

If you are looking for High Quality Stampings and/or Assemblies that not only meet but exceed your requirements, contact KFH Metal Stamping and Assemblies.

Meeting our customers’ specifications with high-quality products has made Keystone Friction Hinge a leader in the metal stamping and assembly industry.

From concept through prototyping to full production, our employees take pride in   applying their skills to create your product. We combine those skills with service after the sale – to make sure you’re satisfied with our product.

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Welcome to KFH CO.

Precision Metal Stamping and CNC Machining Services

Keystone Friction Hinge (KFH) manufactures precision metal stamped and CNC machined products that not only meet but exceed our customers’ requirements. Our unrivaled commitment to quality and consistency has established our company a leader in the American metal stamping, machining, and assembly industry since 1905.
KFH offers end-to-end contract manufacturing services. We are capable of taking your project from concept through prototyping to full-scale production. Our experienced employees take pride in applying their unique skills and craftsmanship to create your product with superior results. We combine those skills with ongoing customer service after the sale – to make sure you’re fully satisfied with both our process and your end product.
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Metal Stamping, CNC Machining, and Assembly Services

Custom Metal Stamping and Die Design

Our precision metal stamping services include progressive tooling and compound/secondary tooling to produce the widest variety of sheet metal pieces possible. We offer quick-turnaround stamping for both prototype projects and production runs. We also provide streamlined custom die design services through our integrated tool and die shop.

CNC Machining and Custom Manufacturing

KFH specializes in close-tolerance CNC machining for custom parts and complex components. We offer the capacity to efficiently tackle low, medium, and high-volume manufacturing runs. We can also provide custom fixturing. Our tool and die design department works seamlessly with our manufacturing operations to meet your precision requirements.

Mechanical Assembly – Automated and Manual

Featuring custom multifaceted mechanical assembly and just-in-time assembly services, KFH works with several major industrial sectors to reliably deliver fully assembled products. We offer mechanical assembly, in addition to multifaceted bench and table top assemblies, and utilize both automated and manual assembly methods.

Quality American Contract Manufacturing Solutions Since 1905

For well over a century, KFH has manufactured high quality metal parts and assemblies using a wide range of production technology to meet the industry’s evolving needs. From metal stamping and machining to final assembly, we strive to simplify and streamline your project for superior results.