Scaling for Efficiency: Our Strategies for High-Volume Production Machining

High-volume CNC machining projects demand some special considerations to ensure that precision and repeatability are maintained across thousands to potentially millions of products. If left unchecked, a single design flaw or manufacturing issue can ruin a huge run of products.

Essentially, it comes down to this: the higher the volumes, the greater the investment cost and risk of loss if something goes wrong.

That’s why at Keystone Friction Hinge (KFH), we employ various specialized CNC machining processes and manufacturing strategies which better cater to the needs of high-volume manufacturing.

The Advantages of High-Volume CNC Machining with KFH:

Embracing Lean American Manufacturing Services

Partnering with an American manufacturer is one key way to establish efficiency, reliability, and sustainability for your high-volume machining project. KFH is one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier CNC machine shops, with our entire operation based out of South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. We embrace lean manufacturing principles to keep our high-volume machining projects running smoothly while eliminating many of the external sources of supply chain issues.

Compared to less optimized production strategies, KFH’s lean manufacturing services eliminate waste, streamline your workflow, and reduce the likelihood of delays for high-volume projects. Staying lean also makes it easier for you to scale your project up or down going forward as your volume requirements fluctuate.

Simpler Scalability for Your High-Volume Project

KFH’s state-of-the-art CNC automation means better scalability for your high-volume products. We utilize some of the latest CNC milling and other machining technologies alongside decades of combined expertise and craftsmanship to help scale up your high-volume project – all while ensuring consistent quality is maintained from the start.

Our integration of design expertise, CAD modeling, custom tooling/fixturing, and detailed testing strategies further simplify your high-volume project by covering all of your needs with a single-source manufacturer.

Eliminating the Common Supply Chain Issues

When you combine all of the above, you see that partnering with a high-volume American CNC machine shop like KFH eliminates many of the causes of supply chain issues that arise from working with offshore providers, or sourcing from multiple low-volume machine shops. From the design phase to final delivery, we strive for better quality, consistency, customer service, and communication – all of which go a long way toward keeping your high-volume machining project on track.

Quality American Machining Services Since 1905

For more than 115 years KFH has produced precision-built metal products using a wide range of manufacturing technology. From metal stamping to custom milling, from prototyping to full-scale production, we utilize the latest production technologies to simplify and streamline your project.